Breathe Corporate Wellness


Teaching Large and Small Group Mindfulness & Meditation

Bringing Wellness to the workplace isn’t just a fad. It is promoting employee productiving, retention and a better overall work environment. These Practices promote better health equating to less days off and a healthier work space.

Equipping our Teachers of today with Mindfulness & Meditation Practices that really land with the youth of today. Many of our Youth struggle with challenges such as ASD, ADHD, ED to name a few. Equipping our teachers to first, have the skillset to manage these groups and even more so to reteach these incredibly beneficial Practices to our Youth.

Noted as “The Therapist’s, Therapist”… Heather Willis has taught Meditation & Mindfulness to Therapy Groups Offices, Medical Physicians and their patients including Oncology, and in a Clinical Outpatient Setting.

To arrange a Mindfulness and Or Meditation Group or Training reach out to our office about the many types and options available to you and your group.