Reiki I

Reiki I

Reiki I Training

Saturday April 31 

9 am -2pm


Reiki I

Reiki is form of healing dating back thousands of years. Rei-Universal, Qi-Life force is the principle of this practice. Universal means spiritual presence, the omniscient wisdom of God or higher self. Qi, life force, is energy the vitality that gives life to all living things, the key energy that impacts our well being. When Qi is activated for healing you can feel healthy, full of enthusiasm. 

With this training you will be attuned with Reiki I. You will be train and gain a confident understanding of the Usui Reiki methods and receive a certificate. This training will cover self treatment, treatment of others and get you on your way to being a confident practitioner. Whether you want to practice on yourself, healing those you love or start your own business this is the class for you!

This Class will cover:

Usui Reiki I
Guided Meditation
Business Aspects, including what you need to start your own business in Sacramento County and most Cities

Small class size to allow for more hands on and better in depth learning.

This is a Certificate Course

Investment is $395

Reiki II

Reiki II

Get into your  Core through your Breath

Get into your Core through your Breath