Sessions & Offerings


To care for ourselves first is the greatest gift to offer others….




Private Yoga Classes are structured so you get exactly what you are seeking from  Yoga. A class created specifically for you and your body, it's ability and where you are looking to go with your practice. Yoga Therapy is an integrative approach in which many different aspects are combined as well as assists to create a form of what I like to call Functional Yoga. It creates function where there was dysfunction, be it physical, emotional or mental. Each session is very specific to the individuals needs. It is organic and ever changing. 


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. This can be added to incorporated with a traditional massage or can be hands on likewise 100% hands off and all energy work. This is available in office or distance healing.


 IET is a bridge of modalities, an Somatic approach blend of East and West. It is a form of Energy work that works towards releasing blockages, that cause dis-ease within the body using gentle touch, divine energy. This is available in office or distance healing. It helps to eliminate stress, fatigue, insomnia, helps the body on all 4 planes Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.


Sometimes we lose a part of ourselves, sometimes we may not even be aware that it is missing. Soul Retrieval connects us to a part of us that was lost, with grace and love. In many this modality leads to healing of trauma, steering us away from depression, addition and back into the radiant light of our highest calling, our true self.

Drum Journeys help us to connect to different aspects of our consciousness. The Middle World is similar to the world we live in, The Under World is our subconscious and the Upper World is our highest level of consciousness. Through these journeys, healing of the body, mind, spirit occur. We are able to get answers to the questions we seek. Meet our guides, Power Animals, Spirit Animals, Teachers.

Typical journeys are 90 min. or less.


Can be achieved through a number of modalities. Kriya, Meditation, and Breathwork or others such as Aveda is the Chakra Balancing Massage, may include deep-tissue massage, foot reflexology, and subtle energy work. This connects clients with something familiar like massage, while also introducing them to the less well-known aspects of energy work. Many times use of healing Crystals are used to stimulate Chakra alignment.  Many come away with a greater appreciation for the interwoven aspects of their mind, body, and spirit, and a greater sense of participation in their healing journey.



In person or Distance Reading using varying array of methods such as scurrying, card reading. Each Session is based solely on the individual, their needs. Guidance for direction, past, present, future working towards living life to its fullest.


This is an in office or can be done in a Distance Session. Goal driven, well balanced coaching incorporates all aspects of life, Body, Mind, Spirit. Optimizing life through increasing vitality, ability to manage stress, navigate life’s path.


Crystal Healing Sessions use Earth’s gifts, Crystals specifically aligned to each Chakra to bring them back to balance, flowing freely. This can be done stand alone, with IET or Reiki, with Crystal Singing Bowls and a few other modalities. Sessions are renewing, grounding, clearing.


Vibrational sound healing is a healing modality that has been used for centuries. Using Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls to promote wellness through means of frequency and vibrations, can be used in Chakra sessions too. These sessions are known for their beautiful intensity resonating in and through every part of a person’s being. Sessions are grounding, centering, energizing and very uplifting



The ULTIMATE Aromatherapy... Starting with this full mind-body renewal this therapy stimulates the mind and body and relaxes the muscles.  This feathering technique, light brushing of Therapeutic grade Essential Oils, allowing the body to fully receive all the benefits of this beautiful technique. In this process the body receives multiple oils, all producing many different effects on the body benefiting overall well-being said to last up to weeks after. *Please, you must advise me of any allergies you have prior to this session.



Herbal Tinctures & Remedies including Teas. Heal the body with the use of what God, the Divine, Universe has created for us. These can be used to help with a variety of common issues for us today from Sleeplessness, Stress, Female issues, Male issues, Migraines and so much more. Based of your indications of symptoms, formulas are available for your purchase. Prices for the remedies are based off of ingredients used.


Please do take note… These Sessions and or Readings are never meant to replace Medical intervention if you have a serious medical problem. You must seek care from a doctor.