“There is a big difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer. Never settle for ‘satisfied’.”
— ~ Shep Hyken,

Happy Clients


Heather guided us through a beautiful ceremony. I cried but felt okay. I can’t wait until the next in Summer!

-Monica P

I now meditate, I can’t believe it.

-Tom M

She is the very best!

— Judie C.

I took both Reiki trainings though this office. I learned so much about energy and also about opening an office. I feel like I am ready to begin working.

-Sara L

Heather is very knowledgeable, professional and does an amazing job! Thank you!

— Stephanie L.

So sweet and compassionate. Her intuition is on spot! SHe knew things I have not even shared with my husband of 33 years.

-Betty R

Very responsive to client input, always asks which areas are of particular interest for that session.

— A

Heather was everything I thought that she would be: Attentive; Professional; Skillful; Holistic; Genuine. Honestly nothing to complain about....except that the hour was too short.... could have stayed on that table for a year! Heather is AWESOME!

— DJ L.


Great massage. Heather released knots in all of my problem areas. I will definitely schedule another appointment. The white noise machine is a little to loud to enjoy the soothing music.

— A. 

Heather was great, very knowledgeable massage was awesome.

— Jessica N.

Always an awesome experience. Heather is very friendly and her massages are very relaxing.

— Holly F.

Experience was fantastic. Heather has been very helpful to loosen back tension and understand ways to lessen throughout the week. Very comfortable and friendly environment.

— Jay J.